The group of 17 people went on stage and presented a very beautiful song

Many of us have heard about Britain’s Got Talent. This is the competition where many participants have been on stage for years. In fact, only talent is not enough to get on stage, first of all it is very important to choose the right song and music, and it is more important to be able to perform on the stage, in front of which the audience and the jury are sitting. The group named “Angelicus Celtis” decided to perform as a group. This is a group consisting of 17 girls.

Britain's Got Talent's Angelicus Celtis cause Twitter outrage as they change Jerusalem lyric - Wales Online

The girls, like the others, were excited on the stage. But they gave a wonderful and worthy performance.
The coach of the group was a man, he came with the girls. He also presented his reasons for participating in the competition. Simon Cowell, who is known for his strict demands and severe criticisms, liked the group’s performance. He said that this was one of the most wonderful performances he had ever heard. Also, the song and the music were chosen very well. There was great admiration on Simon’s face. He was absorbed and delighted listening to the girls’ song. The stage dance of the girls was also very beautiful and was consistent with the songs they chose.

The other judges also expressed their opinion. They also liked the group’s performance. The audience also really liked the group’s performance and showed with their applause that the girls really deserve to win, it’s not easy to sing in a group with 17 girls. Let’s state one thing that all the girls of the group came out with their talent. The video had a lot of likes and views on YouTube and other social networks, and more or less this competition made the group famous. It is time for us to listen to their wonderful performance. Let’s listen and leave our comments too.


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