Elvis Presley’s performance on stage impressed the audience and the jury

America Got Talent amazing competition. Among the members of the jury, as we know, is Simon Quell. He rarely goes on stage, but when he does, something extraordinary has happened. This time it happened like that. He went on stage and the other members of the jury also went on stage with him.
Elvis Presley is known all over the world. He is a legendary singer. However. it seemed to everyone that Elvis had come on stage once again. How is this possible, is he singing, is Elvis on stage? The members of the jury were silent for a moment while listening to the song.

America's Got Talent Contestant Wows Judges With Mezmerising, Acoustic Cover of This Elvis Classic!
It turns out that all this was organized by a company called Metaphysic. The company’s goal was to create virtual images with AI. And they succeeded.
This was incredible. Everyone watched the performance of the legendary Elvis with fascination.
Both the jury and the audience had the impression that Elvis himself was singing. It seems that he is walking on the stage.

Simon Quell couldn’t keep quiet and expressed that this is the best that has happened in the competition so far. This was really awesome. Let’s watch the awesome performance.


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