The seven-year-old girl sang so that the jury immediately liked it

The Voice project is very famous, and we know many people from this project. Today, the seven-year-old girl, who is one of the few who attracted the members of the jury with her voice, will perform in the competition. This is an incredible performance.
The girl’s name was Chelsea. When he appeared on the stage, no one expected that he would sing like that. This was a really powerful performance.As soon as they heard the first notes, the members of the jury immediately turned their chairs.

The Voice Kids Schweizerin Chelsea haut alle vom Hocker | Schweizer Illustrierte

The whole hall was filled with the girl’s powerful voice.
Neither the jury nor the audience wanted the girl to finish the song. But when she finished the song, the members of the jury sat down on the floor in front of the girl. The song of this girl exceeded even the limits of the competition, leaving both the jury and the audience speechless. The girl’s future seems to be already clear. She will become a real and powerful singer.Chelsea’s speech appeared on social networks and received many wonderful comments and likes.Only on YouTube, the video has collected more than 104 million views. This is an incredible index.


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