The boy sang a very difficult song on stage and was well received

Not everyone can sing the songs of Whitney Houston, the most talented singer of all time. Those songs are quite complicated and not for everyone. The participants who go on stage are so loved by both the jury and the audience that even if they do not win the competition, they remain always loved. This time, the talented boy whose name was Jack was on the stage of Australia’s Got Talent. He really came to amaze the audience and fill the whole hall with his wonderful voice. He was only 14 years old and chose such a song that very few people could perform. Jack introduced himself and said that one of his favorite singers is Justin Bieber.

Jack Vidgen singing on Australia's Got Talent

And he would be very happy if his father was by his side at that moment and listened to his performance. Jack always sings, but he always sang for his family members and friends. It was the first time he was on the big stage.Jackie tried to look like Justin and performed with his hairstyle.


After telling a little about himself, the boy presented what he wants to sing. After hearing the name of the song, the jury began to wait impatiently to see if the boy would be able to perform that song or not. However, the boy not only justified himself, but also sang in such a way that the jury was amazed and went up on stage to kiss the boy. We present to your attention the incredible and beautiful performance of the boy.


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